Jesus enters triumphantly in Jerusalem. “The very large crowd spread their cloaks on the road, while others cut branches from the trees and strewed them on the road.” Let’s notice the joy of the Heart of Jesus at seeing this beautiful gesture from the people. What they are doing is truly right and just. He, indeed, is the King of the Universe!

The people lay their garments first to recognize Christ as the King of their lives, with dominion over everything they are and have. And secondly, by the Lord touching their garments, He will bless them and give them grace to serve Him faithfully.

First, we want to recognize Christ as King. This last week, in the daily readings for the Mass, we have repeatedly heard how the Pharisees and members of the Sanhedrin rejected Jesus and his claims of divinity. We’ve listened to Jesus saying that “before Abraham was, I AM” and that he performs the Father’s works, and we need to listen to him because of it. However, the hardness of heart of the Jews is remarkable.

In contrast with that hardness of heart, we see today’s welcome from the people in Jerusalem. We want to console the heart of Jesus by making up for all those who reject his love. We want to say yes for all those who say no. We want to say “your will be done” for all those who only look to satisfy their selfish desires.

Let us present ourselves just as we are, with our gifts and our flaws, with our virtues and sins. Let us surrender our lives as Jesus rides along so that the Lord can make our hearts the throne of His mercy. It doesn’t matter the gravity of our sins, the poverty of our good works, or the coldness of our hearts. Jesus can make all things new. We only need to be willing to receive His Mercy.

The Gospel tells us of the healing of a bleeding woman. She thought that just by touching the clothes of Jesus, she would be cured. And so it was. I believe that the reverse happens today. As Jesus passes over the clothes and branches that people have placed under his feet as a royal carpet, he blesses each one of them whole heartedly.

As we pray today, let us beg Jesus’ blessing over ourselves, our families, friends, and projects. We need the blessing of the Lord. We are in need of his mercy and the power of his grace.

At times, we think that holiness consists only of willpower, doing good works, and never sinning. While it is true that we must cooperate with grace, remember that Jesus is working in us and will make us holy. Therefore, let us lay our garments so that Jesus touches them and makes us holy by the power of his love and mercy.

Finally, let me briefly mention the ass and the colt. Jesus tells the disciples to say that “the master has need of them.” I find these words very beautiful and encouraging. Christ does not need anything from us since he is God. However, in his mercy, he wants to make us part of his mission, and he wants to “have need of us.” Let us rejoice in serving him with a generous heart for whatever he needs.

Maybe we will have the joy of being the feet of Jesus, to bring his love around us, or his tongue, to proclaim his mercy, or his hands to bring healing, or his ears to listen to compassion. Whatever the Lord needs us for, serving will be an honor and a blessing.

Apr 2 – Palm Sunday