Hi everyone! My name is Hannah, and I am so excited to be sharing my SEEK testimony with y’all again this year! I am blessed to have attended my second SEEK conference in St. Louis. I couldn’t have imagined a more fun and faith filled week!

Unlike last SEEK, I didn’t have a plan of what I wanted to learn or what I wanted to do each day. I let my heart just pull me to whatever I wanted to do at that moment in time and God used that freedom to work with my heart and fill it with happiness. I loved singing and dancing with my friends, and praising the Lord for everything He has done. I loved the one-on-one moments with Jesus where we got to just talk about life. I loved the late nights of just sitting there as I was ready to sleep and saying “wow this is just awesome”. So much love for that entire week and I thank the Lord for all of that, and so grateful that He took my empty calendar and filled it with his events He had already planned for me.

There were so many memories and things I learned, but there are a few things that stuck out to me. I found that Jesus used this conference to teach me about myself. One of the speakers for the women’s session said, “maybe all the things that you thought made you, isn’t the real you”. This stuck with me a lot because I have been working hard to find myself as I go throughout college. God reminded me that at my core, I am a princess of the Lord who was crafted to have courage and strength and that no one and nothing can take that away from me.

Another thing I learned was how to live simply. To slow down and live in God’s love language of silence. Though this amazing life is crazy sometimes, God speaks in clarity. When we take the time to live simply and enjoy everything that we are given, we can live with greater love. It is hard sometimes to break the habit of wanting to always have something going on. Anyone that knows me knows that I am always busy, or I will find something to do so that I will become busy. Taking what I have learned, I would like to learn to live simply so that I may be able to put more life and love into the things that God is calling me to.

Thank you for allowing me to share my SEEK experience with you, and I would like to thank everyone that I got to experience this conference with for helping me to grow and bringing me so much joy. It was the swoodaliest week ever!

Swoodal Adjective – something that is incredible, amazing, life changing, and good for the soul.

SEEK 2024 Experience – Hannah Nguyen