Dear brothers and sisters,

On Saturday of last week, we had an event called SEEK Reunion. It was an occasion for all the students, missionaries, and priests to reunite and share our experiences at the conference.

We got a significant number of people participating in the event. It started with Adoration and Benediction with the Blessed Sacrament. After Benediction, one of our missionaries, John Wang, gave a marvelous testimony of his experience at the conference. He talked about his first experience of SEEK and how it changed his prayer life. He returned from the conference in a spiritual high, which translated into going deeper in prayer. He suggested the students also try to capitalize on their SEEK experience by committing to a more robust prayer life: Rosary, daily Mass, daily prayer, Confession, and so on. He also recommended the practice of spiritual direction, invited the students to participate in bible studies, and asked them to consider joining one of our mission trips.

After the talk, we enjoyed some delicious fried chicken. Then, we gave everyone who would like to share their experience an opportunity to do so. To my surprise, almost everyone shared something. The Lord has definitely worked overtime at SEEK! We finished the night with fun games.

This past Thursday, our young women had their quick-off event for the semester. There was an excellent attendance. The “giggling meter” was off the charts! They had a lot of fun and a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. I am grateful to our student leaders for their commitment and hard work. This last semester, their number has more than doubled!

May our Lady of Guadalupe keep interceding for us before her Son.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Richard, MC

SEEK Reunion