Dear brothers and sisters,

Unexpectedly, in late June, the Archdiocese of Denver contacted me requesting that the priests move out of the friary’s second floor to make room for the FOCUS missionaries. The missionaries have a big challenge finding housing since a big part of their formation is living in community, and the city of Denver forbids more than five unrelated adults to live in the same home. However, rectories are exempt from this rule.

That is why the Archdiocese has given the Priests and Brothers of Miles Christi a cottage with three bedrooms to live in. This house is located in the grounds of the Mullen Home for the Aged and served in the past as a home for the sisters’ chaplain.

Thankfully, the first floor of the friary will continue being, as this whole past year, a place for St. Elizabeht’s offices, and shared ministry space for parishioners, students, and the FOCUS missionaries.

A few days ago, I welcomed to Denver Fr. Martin Latiff, MC, who has come from San Diego to be the local Superior of the Miles Christi house in this Archdiocese. He will be a Parochial Vicar of the Cathedral and St. Elizabeth’s and will be helping us with the ministry to parishioners and college students. The addition of a religious brother has also blessed us. Bro. Francis Conte-Grand, MC, will also be working along with the priests at St. Elizabeth’s.

Finally, at this Sunday’s Mass, together with Fr. Martin and Bro. Francis, we welcome six new FOCUS missionaries serving at the Auraria Campus. We pray the Lord will bless their ministry abundantly.

May our Lady of Guadalupe bless each of us as we start this new school year.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Richard, MC

FOCUS Missionaries and New Miles Christi Members