Dear brothers and sisters,

We have already started Lent, and I’m pumped! This season is so powerful. It challenges us to get closer to Christ through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

We began this season with an outstanding showing for Ash Wednesday. We had about 90 people at the 12:15 PM Mass and 55 at the 5:00 PM. I was so glad to see so many new faces!

This success was in great part thanks to the FOCUS missionaries. On Mardi Gras, they walked through campus giving out candy. With the candy, they also gave out close to a thousand flyers inviting people to Ash Wednesday, among other activities. Guys, I’m grateful!

I’m also grateful to Dee, who, together with some of the missionaries, cooked a delicious soup. About half of the people stopped by after the Mass to share a light meal. It had to be light because of Ash Wednesday’s fasting!

As I said that day in the homily, it is very good to have some lenten resolutions. We want to pray more often, be generous with our sacrifices, and serve those around us. But, however good these resolutions are, they are not the heart of Lent. What is the heart of Lent? It is walking with Jesus, through the desert towards the Cross and on to the resurrection. If we walk with Jesus, we can do anything because he strengthens us; we count on his power to do what he has inspired us to. But also, we don’t walk alone; he is with us, and, at times, he even carries us. Let’s trust him in this journey.

May our Lady of Guadalupe protect us during this Lenten season.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Richard, MC

Great Soup and Community Building